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“Affondo” wins a new award !

The 2013 Africa-Italy Excellence Awards declared Prof. Jean-Baptiste Sourou the winner of the category Best Writer/Author thanks to his book “Affondo” or The Drowned Dreams of Africans.
.Yearly, Africans in the Diaspora that show the greatest promise of contribution to human well-being, through the creation and application of their activities, intellect and knowledge, are awarded. This is to encourage and support the award winners to showcase their impact on their communities on the local, national and international levels, especially the practical application or creation of jobs and wealth which will generate substantial value for Africans in the Diaspora and in Africa.
Various professional areas are selected each year for the award, and subsequently, a period of time is allocated for the proposal of subjects in order for the AIEA to decide which themes are most important each year.
The selection of the prospective nominees to be awarded, begin from the calling on the general public to nominate a range of gallant personalities, through mails and social networks. Thereafter, the final nomination list is announced by the AIEA board members, at the end of a vetting by the Legal Affairs Committee composed by renowned experts in immigration, economics, and information. Appreciably, the general public possesses 55 percent of the votes via online voting, while the AIEA board has 45 percent. Winners of the various categories are then announced during the awards ceremony.

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“Affondo” in Assisi

C’est sous le patronage de la Ville d’Assise qu’aura lieu ce mercredi 29 janvier le lancement de Affondo à Assisi.

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