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2014 Essaouira Festival

BANN_WEB_mrcus_miller_jpg_960x351_q85_cropFrom June 12th to 15th, 2014… Colourful and exciting nights to soothe the spirit, thousands of music lovers swaying to the music in a convivial and intimate atmosphere – this is the city during the Festival! It’s above all an ambiance. No setting is so conducive to listening and letting oneself go. In Essaouira the maalems feel at home, their chants and laments were born in this land open to the cultures of the world. In Essaouira the musicians excel in virtuosity, inventiveness and flair. They call upon the spirits, and with them all is possible !

Meeting some musicians with Radio France Internationale

Festival d’Essaouira 2014 : Musiques du Monde… di rfi“>

Cedres Press publishes its first book

03cedres new

The Cedres, the international project based in Benin Republic publishes its first book. It is Based on the African dramatic immigration through the Mediterranean Sea.  For further info, visit:

Chronique d’un été glacial: le rêve naufragé des Africains

Coperta.inddCedres Press



Price: 7 Euros/ 3900 FCFA

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This book is about the African immigration through the Mediterranean Sea with its dramatic consequences, which the author calls “the drowned dreams of Africans”.

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