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With some delay, but it is published!
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ACLARS 2015 Publication

ACLARS 2015 Publication with my chapter on the Role of Women in African Traditional Religion and in The Roman Catholic Church.

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Religious Freedom and Religious Pluralism in Africa: Prospects and Limitations

The Third Conference on Law and Religion in Africa took place in Windhoek, Namibia, May 18-19, 2015. This memorable and very successful conference focused on the theme “Religious Freedom and Religious Pluralism in Africa: Prospects and Limitations.” Some sixty participants participated in the conference, from 17 countries: UK, US, Ethiopia, Egypt, Nigeria, Benin, Ghana, South Africa, Senegal, Namibia, Rwanda, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Zambia, Botswana, Uganda, Belgium.

Participants discussed such topics as:
◾African traditional law / religion
◾Human rights and dignity (including rights of children, the disabled, the elderly and women)
◾Implications of globalisation, neo-liberalism, democratisation, and fragile states for religious practice in African societies
◾Competing conceptions of religion and freedom in the African context
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