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Since we find more and more dead bodies or human remains in our nets, we’ve decided to go elsewhere in order to avoid being confronted with these gruesome discoveries (Testimony of a fisherman of Lampedusa Island in Italy )

Every year or every day during this decade, many Africans, young, elders, men, women, entire families coming from Africa try to reach Europe. Many of them die during the journey through the Mediterranean Sea, since they travel in very dangerous conditions without food, compass, water or whatever. Their only one force comes from the hope to find a place where to realize the dream of they life.
Having worked on the African immigration issue in Italy for some international media, and spent time with the immigrants, the author presents through concrete stories of life, what it means for many people to leave their homelands and begin an adventure. This book is also an analytic work on how Western media treat African immigration in Europe; it’s a denunciation of what Africa should do and the hypocrisy which characterizes the management of this sad phenomenon.

“Affondo” through media

Launch of Affondo in Rome

Steve Ogongo, Africa News director reports:

Launch of Affondo in Vicenza

Quinto Vicentino Library in Vicenza Province (north-east of Italy) hosted the first launch of “Affondo”. It was in the evening of Monday 23th may. Many people attended the event among them some local politicians, in order to know why the author has written the book on African illegal immigration in Europe, especially in Italy After the introduction done by Mr. Tarcisio Bellò, director of the Library, Ms. Orietta Pozzer, one of the organizers has presented the principal ideas of Affondo. Then it was the question-answers time which took about two hours. People asked so many questions to the author. They made comments and the debate was very interesting. During the refreshment, doctor Sourou signed books, spending more time with the participants.

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