Afrique : rites antiques, célébrations modernes

Afrique : rites antiques, célébrations modernes
Comment les Africains célèbrent leurs rites aujourd’hui
Editions Ménaibuc
ISBN : 978-2-35349-154-4
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This book describes and analyses the transformation of the community ritual celebrations of weddings, funerals and life transitions among the Fon community in Benin. Far from disappearing from the Fon culture, the celebrations of rites are becoming ever more spectacular. The rituals are directed by specialist event organizers who bring in musical groups and masters of ceremonies who are able to incorporate events and problems of the community for satirical comments as part of their repertoire. Much of the creativity of the organizers lies in their ability to bring in the participation of people from all backgrounds. The ritual celebrations draw in different local musical groups, singers and orators who are skilled in adapting to the use of new media. Without changing the original meaning of the rites, the innovations make them memorable, actual, real and highly participatory. This kind of performance of rituals – a creation of hybrid cultures – is spreading very fast throughout West Africa (Nigeria, Togo, Ghana and Benin) and in East Africa, (Uganda and Tanzania). These ritual celebrations are a major context for the development of new “hybrid” African cultures that are having a great impact on the religious, political and social institutions of these areas.

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  • Afriqu’Echos Magazine: « Les langues diffèrent, les peuples aussi mais la soif de vivre au présent nos valeurs spirituelles, de conserver nos identités est très forte »
  • Le Combattant of Cameroun: « Aider ceux qui ont moins de chance que moi dans leur formation a été toujours un de mes désirs d’étudiant »

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