Recherches et Publications

Some Current Researches

  • Music and Urban Popular Culture in Africa: Role and Nature of Music in Emboding New Symbolic Forms (including fieldwork in South Africa, Ghana, Togo and Benin).
  • Ritual Wisdom and Initiation.
  • The roles of media on the construction of democracy in Africa. The case of Benin from 1990 to 2010.
  • The Introduction of modern media in traditional rites.
  • African Cities: Place for Developing a New “Hybrid” African Culture.



  • MARCH 2013
    Writing Trough the Visual/Virtual: Inscribing Language, Literature and Culture in Francophone African and the Caribbean; Rutgers University’s Center for African Studies, New Jersey, USA.
  • JANUARY 2013
    Law and Religion in Africa: Comparative Practices, Experiences and Prospects in Accra, Ghana
  • NOVEMBER 2012
    55th Annual Meeting of the Association of African Studies in Philadelplia in the USA on Research Frontiers in the Study of Africa
  • JUNE 2012
    Launch Meeting of the 2013 African Humanities Program Fellowships organized by the American Council of Learned Socities (ACLS) at the University of Ghana in Accra-Legon.
  • JUNE 2009
    Conference Whats Culture got to do with it?(The Cultural Images in and of Africa) organized by the Nordic Africa Institute in Uppsala, Sweden.
  • AUGUST 2008
    Conference on Media, Religion and Culture. SAO PAOLO – BRAZIL.
  • MAY 2008
    Seminar on Popular Cultures today. Gregorian University, ROME – ITALY.
  • JUNE 2007
    International Catholic Union of the Press Congress on the Theme Media and Religion: risk or opportunity? The impact of modern media on religious and social conscience, SHERBROOKE – CANADA.
  • OCTOBER 2006
    World Congress on Communication for Development, Organized by FAO, the World Bank and the Communicative Initiative, ROME – ITALY.
  • JULY 2006
    Media, Religion and Culture International Conference, SIGTUNA– SWEDEN.
  • JULY 2006
    International Seminar on Media, Religion and Culture, organized by PORTICUS, SIGTUNA – SWEDEN.
  • DECEMBER 2005
    International Seminar on Media, Culture and Religion organized by PORTICUS, ROME – ITALY.
  • JUNE 2005
    International conference on Asian youth at the time of globalization, BANGKOK – THAILAND.
  • APRIL 2005
    IV th Symposium on Social Communications: Media, Disasters and Political Interests, ROME – ITALY.
  • OCTOBER 2004
    UCIP (International Catholic Union of the Press) 25th Congress on Media challenges amidst cultural and religious pluralism for a new social order, justice and peace, BANGKOK –THAILAND.
  • OCTOBER 2004
    The First Conference of African Intellectuals and those from the Diaspora, DAKAR – SENEGAL.
  • MARCH 2004
    International Conference: Peace and Reconciliation in Africa, VERONA – ITALY.
  • SEPTEMBER 2001
    Conference on African Cultures organized by AICS, BELLUNO – ITALY.

International Awards

São Paolo, Brazil, August 2008
International Award on Media, Religion and Culture

Philadelphia, USA, Thursday 29th  November 2012

African Studies Association (ASA) Presidential Fellow

Review’s Articles

  • Christianity and Vodoun (Traditional Religion) in Africa: The reality of Benin, 1993.
  • New Beninian generations: hope of the society and of the Church, in L’Osservatore Romano, 1993.
  • The Church and the democratic process in Africa in L’Osservatore Romano, 1993.
  • New Beninian generations: hope of the society and of the Church, in L’Osservatore Romano, 1993.
  • Who condemns African populations? , Assisi 1993.
  • Africa and the Gospel: The first Christianity contacts with the black continent in L’Osservatore Romano, 1994
  • Christ calls Africa, Africa is ready for Christ! Assisi, 1994.
  • Slave babies: a long shameful chain, April 19th 2001.
  • The rule of the media in the construction of the young democracies in Africa, Rome, November 2003
  • Immigration: stories and reality; (Dossier) Messaggero 2003
  • John-Paul II, an African with the white skin in Géopolitique Africaine n° 19-20 Summer-Autumn 2005
  • Benin: analysis of the socio-political situation in Nigrizia March 2006

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